The camp comprises eight fully appointed log cabins and four yak hair tents. All accommodations, including tents, have wooden floors and comfortable, quality bedding. They are tastefully furnished with Norlha accessories and vernacular traditional style furniture and local antiques.  The log cabins and tents are all heated with wood furnaces. 

Log Cabins (8) :

Made of pine logs inspired by those found in Tibetan woodlands, they measure 4x6 meters and can accommodate double or twin beds with an option for an extra beds. One cabin is a two part suite with a common sitting room area. All have patios. They are constructed on platforms that make them as movable as the tents. Each cabin is equipped with a dry toilet based on a Finnish model requiring no plumbing.

Cabin accommodation includes three meals for all persons. Log Cabins accommodate two persons (King Bed or two Twin Beds); the Family Cabin accommodates four persons (one King Bed and two Twin Beds). Extra bedding available upon request. 

Log Cabin Nightly Rates (meals included)
June through August: ¥3565 ($575; €510)
May, September, & October: ¥3209 ($520; €460)

Family Cabin Nightly Rates (meals included)
June through August: ¥5750 ($930; €825)
May, September, & October: ¥5175 ($835; €740)

Tents (4):

Nomadic life is based on centuries of experience with the ecosystem of the Tibetan plateau. Norden makes the most of the nomad’s ancestral knowledge, adding contemporary elements for maximum comfort. The Norden tents are made of hand spun and hand woven yak hair, the traditional material for nomad tents. For added warmth, they are heated with wood stoves and the walls insulated with a layer of locally made yak felt. They are raised from the ground and have wooden floors, protecting the living area from humidity.

Khullu Tent accommodation includes three meals for two persons (two Twin Beds in each tent). 

Khullu Tent Nightly Rates (meals included)
June through August: ¥2185 ($355; €315)
May, September, & October: ¥1967 ($320; €285)

*Rates inclusive of China VAT tax and service charge. Base price CNY; USD and Euro currencies offered as estimates.

** During the national holiday (September 30 - October 9) accommodation charged at high season rate


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