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An intimate look into life on the Tibetan Plateau around the Norden Camp

The Tsampa Story

Having lived and worked in Tibetan areas for several years Norden’s Chef Andrew Notte is very familiar with the staples of the plateau diet and with knowledge and creativity, transforms them into a unique form of fusion cuisine, that is both delicious and healthy.

Norden’s menus are based on the three ingredients unique to Tibetan cooking:
--Tsampa: barley flour, the staple of the high plateau
--Yak: the fundamental source of meat and dairy products
--Joma: the high protein root found throughout the grasslands

Tsampa, or barley flour, illustrated here, is the staple of Tibet. The only cereal that grows at a high altitude it is used as a companion to meat and vegetables and as a primary source of nutrition when nomads are on the move. Norden uses it to make crepes, breads, noodle soups and desserts.