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An intimate look into life on the Tibetan Plateau around the Norden Camp

Norlha's Home Collection

Nomads are a people of essentials. Their focus is on their herds, taking their animals to new pastures and managing a highly complex process that demands the herder’s constant awareness and synchronization with his beasts and the environment they share. Tibetan nomads come from a complex culture, rich in arts and literature, but because they move, they have simplified their life, retaining only what is essential to their needs. We have much to learn from this combination of complexity and simplicity.

At Norden, we have extracted the essentials of this lifestyle, in a way that it can be shared with those coming from outside its sphere. At Norlha, we have combined the materials the nomads use in their everyday life with their transformation through spinning, weaving and felting, creating new livelihoods as well as an awareness of the beauty precious materials and highly skilled hands can bring about.

View the Norlha lifestyle in Norden’s environment, where we have combined the two.