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An intimate look into life on the Tibetan Plateau around the Norden Camp

Haven on the Grassland

We call it “Bar” but it is so much more. It is a Breakfast room, a collecting the autumn morning sun rays room, a space for gathering around the stove on a chilly night, to sun oneself on the morning or afternoon decks, or to hide from the sun in reverse order on a summer day. One can enjoy wines, Norden cocktails and mocktails, teas brewed from local plants, smoothies, cappuccinos and expressos, or have a formal English tea with milk tea and cake. From the outside, the space melts into the environment. Lightly built, it sands up from the ground and can be removed, restituting the grassland to its former condition. In winter, animals, back from the highlands, graze all around. From the inside, one can enjoy the outside, sheltered from rain, snow or the chilly wind and watch birds flutter about, a yak tail flicking and disappearing behind the bushes. By Kim Yeshi, Photos by Dechen Yeshi