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An intimate look into life on the Tibetan Plateau around the Norden Camp

Local Cuisine

A few years ago, a group of Tibetan businessmen pooled their resources to open a training school for Tibetan cooks for local youths in an effort to preserve traditional Tibetan cooking and provide a wider pool of employment. They opened a restaurant adjoining the training area, where guests can sample unique elements of Tibetan cooking, using local ingredients and age old recipes. The menu includes joma (prenouced droma in Lhasa dialect) in various forms, a wide variety of local mushrooms and of course the meat from yaks, sheep and pigs. Guests are also presented with a tray of herbal teas in jars indicating the benefit of each, all from the surrounding grassland. Some are derived from flowers, others different kinds of grass, twigs or bark. We watched the students practice their deftness with woks, using stones. In an adjacent store, one could buy the herbal teas.