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The Old Ram

The Old Ram Anyone spending time in Labrang, or familiar with the circumambulation road around the Monastery would have at one time or another seen a very large, long haired Tse thar ram, whose life was spared and who was unofficially adopted by the monastery or its patrons. The ram usually hangs out at the end of the circumambulation route, greeting the pilgrims and begging from them. If not doing that, it wonders among the customers seated at the various little noodle shops across the road from the monastery. A long living goat, I first noticed him ten years ago. His very potent goat smell announces his presence from a surprising distance, depending on the direction of the wind. He doesn’t like children, probably because they tease him, and Norzin was butted a few times, but can’t resist approaching old ladies many of whom must feed him treats on a regular basis.