At Norden we've developed an innovative, culturally conscious cuisine rooted in tradition and based on the local pastoral lifestyle that is suitable for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

The menu is based on local seasonal products. The area is untouched by development and the food that emanates from the pasture is organic by default. The milk from dris (female yaks) grazing in areas teeming with medicinal plants is known for its high nutritional value and reduced lactose content; it is the source of our healthy and delicious butter, yogurt, and cream. The pasture in summer abounds in local herbs and mushrooms that can be collected daily and added to the menu. Bread is baked in traditional mud brick ovens and noodles are hand pulled and fresh at every meal. Other local staples include boiled lamb, sausages, or the famous black pig that feeds on the droma root.

Norden is developing a line of signature dishes such as the Crème de Droma, a wild-harvested root found on the plateau grasslands which is served atop a plate of rice and sprinkled with a little sugar and melted butter for a delicious dessert. Freshly brewed coffee and homemade cakes are also available.