Frequently Asked Questions


Bathrooms and Showers
Norden's Log Cabins are equipped with ensuite, eco-friendly toilets and washrooms. The Khullu tents have private eco-friendly toilets located adjacent to the tent. Hot showers can be taken in the Shower House (6 stalls are available; please note the water tank is not unlimited, so please use the water kindly during your shower!) We provide eco-friendly soaps and shampoo, however we ask that you please bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste. 

In order to minimize our environmental impact Norden Camp does not offer laundry services on-site. Laundry services are available if needed in Labrang. 

WiFi at Camp and Internet Access in China
Norden Camp is located in a very remote area of the Tibetan Plateau. Although the majority of the Camp remains a Wi-Fi-free zone to allow for better immersion in the natural surroundings, Wi-Fi is available both at the Welcome Center as well as the Norden Bar if needed. The local staff can assist in connecting your device. Please note because of Norden's remote location, the Wi-fi signal will not be as strong as in the city, and is susceptible to external factors (ie weather).  

Also please note that certain websites are not available in China (Facebook, Google, etc). 

Credit Card Facilities
International credit card facilities are not available at Norden Camp, though Union Pay and WeChat Payments are available. ATM's are available at nearby Labrang/Xiahe. 

The Chinese Yuan (¥, CNY) is used throughout China. 

Purchases On-Site
Any activities, Bar food and drinks, or Norlha Textiles product purchases can be paid on-site during checkout using cash or one of the methods above. 

What to Wear
The weather on the plateau can be unpredictable. A day that begins with warm sunshine can end in the occasional snowfall. We suggest that you bring a sturdy pair of shoes/waterproof hiking boots and dress in layers to accommodate the changes in weather. We also suggest sunglasses, thick socks, thermals, t-shirts and a good jacket (ie general mountain apparel). 

If participating in yoga, massage, athletic activities or using the hot tub/sauna, kindly bring appropriate activity-related attire. 

Norden Camp is located at an altitude of 3,200 meters (10,500 feet). At such elevations it is essential to bring a water bottle and plenty of sunscreen. One may feel the mild effects of this altitude - we recommend drinking lots of water and taking one's time/relaxing on the first day. For those participating in physical activities be sure to take as many breaks as needed. We recommend consulting your doctor regarding any altitude medication.

Flying into Lanzhou (5,000 ft; 1,500m), allows for a gradual acclimation during the 4.5-hour drive up onto the Plateau. Flying into Xiahe from Chengdu and Xi'an (both approximately 1,500 feet; 450m) is a more direct ascent to altitude, and more time will be needed acclimating. 

All Log Cabins and Khullu Tents are heated with stove furnaces. Norden's staff members are more than happy to prepare your furnace at any time. 

Drinking Water
All Log Cabins and Khullu Tents are supplied with drinking water as well as boiling pots. 

Power Outlets
Norden uses power outlets that are standard across all of China. 

Transportation Times
The camp is 30 minutes from Gannan Xiahe Airport (GXH), accessible worldwide via Lhasa, Xi'an, and Chengdu. The Camp is a 4.5 hour drive from Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport (LHW), accessible worldwide via all major Chinese cities. Comfortable private sedan and van transportation are available from both airports. 

Visas and Documents
A Chinese visa is generally required to enter China (please consult your country's embassy and China visa policy). No Tibet Autonomous Region (T.A.R.) special permit is needed to enter this region of the Tibetan Plateau. 

Child Policy
Norden Camp is a child-friendly and family-friendly environment. We encourage children to connect with nature, run around Camp, and be a kid! We do require children to be under the supervision of an adult at all times. Children's pricing is available for ages 2-12. Infants under 2 years of age are free of charge. 

Safety, Health, Liability, and Insurance
Although the area surrounding Norden Camp is very safe, Norden employs 24/7 hour security with a local guard. If one ventures too far away from camp, one may encounter dogs who are protecting their nomadic owner's herd of sheep and yak. We advise caution on long treks and recommend a guide to accompany these trips. 

Kindly note guests' assume full responsibility and liability during their stay with Norden, including all activities, excursions, and transportation. A waiver must be signed before joining Norden Camp. We highly recommend traveler's insurance for all parties. 

We highly recommend all guests be in good health and physical condition when traveling to Norden. 

Norden is equipped with standard First-Aid equipment on-site. If an emergency does occur, doctors and hospitals are available in Labrang. 

Tibetan and Buddhist Customs
The Tibetan Plateau is home to hard-working nomads and pious monks; the land of compassion and kindness. At Norden we strive to exude all of these qualities. If there is ever an issue during your stay, please kindly inform our staff and they will do as much as possible to help resolve it. 

One may see monks visiting the Camp, and will certainly see many at Labrang Monastery. If you do see a monk during your stay, kindly ask Norden staff before taking any pictures of them. The monks will be happy to hear your greeting of "Demo", which means "blessings" in Tibetan. 

Norden Camp is a "Glamping" site in one of the most remote parts of the world, fully immersed in the natural surroundings of the Tibetan Plateau. As such, there are many situations that could occur here that may not be as common at a luxury hotel in the city. A guest that will enjoy Norden Camp and the Plateau is one that truly enjoys and respects the outdoors, nature, remote areas, and discovering new cultures.