Norden Camp is an ideal setting for special group gatherings; from yoga retreats to corporate conferences to festive weddings. Norlha's multi-purpose conference center - The Space - can be utilized for a wide variety of groups as large as 25 people. Come as a group or join an Immersion below...

Timeless Tibet: A Digital Detox

Disconnect your family from electronic devices and the commotion of everyday life, and retreat into the serenity of the Tibetan Plateau. Six days of mindfulness, purity, and timelessness will rejuvenate the mind and the body, cleanse the spirit, and nourish the soul.

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Yoga, Meditation, & Mindfulness

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, experience meditation and yoga at the heart of Tibetan Buddhism. With the picturesque plateau as your backdrop, and the gentle nearby stream as your soundtrack, Norden’s instructors will guide you through peaceful yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness practices.

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Tibetan Hoop Exchange:
A Basketball Adventure

In every village and monastery across the plateau you will find nomads herding their yak and sheep, monks reciting their mantras, and Tibetans engaging in their newest passion: basketball. Basketball has allowed Tibetans to connect with each other and the rest of the world, transcending language, cultures, and borders. Lead basketball clinics for youth, women, and men, and participate in local tournaments.

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Enlightened Athletics:
High Altitude Mind & Body Training

For the casual or professional athlete or team, engage in mind and body training at over 3,200 meters (10,500 feet), amongst the vast and challenging hills of the plateau. Train in nature and the elements at altitude, discover the power of meditation, introspection, and reflection in relation to your sport, and immerse yourself in the surrounding Tibetan culture and Buddhist influences. 

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Let Norden Camp also host your: 

Yoga, Meditation & Silent Retreats

Weddings, Anniversaries & Reunions

Corporate Events, Seminars & Team-building

Daily housekeeping service with evening turndown
24-hour security
Transportation services
Multilingual staff (Chinese, English, Tibetan)
Norlha Textiles onsite boutique
The Space: brightly lit center along the river bank (capacity: 25)
The Bar: comfortable, traditionally furnished space
Multiple dining tents and lounges